The K5 Protein Series has implemented the most innovative line of products the sports nutrition industry has seen in many years. Dedication to the needs of our customers by experienced staff has, over many years, developed a loyal group of O Nutritions clients and customers. In the high-tech world we now live in, the human voice is often a thing of the past.

We too, have embraced the electronic zone to add convenience, help expedite and streamline your ordering 24/7. However, you can count on O Nutritions staff to personally answer any all of your questions whenever needed

Who We Do

Whether you are involved in a health food store, health club, distribute nutrition products or are the end user, you can rest assured that we want to hear from you. Please feel free to call or email us with your questions, comments and testimonials.

The K5 Protein series is a world leader in manufacturing weight/fat loss supplements. We have been using our nutritional expertise, gained through years of working with professional athletes and are now offering our exclusive products to those who have a desire to lose weight and enjoy their health,

Our Experties

When you call O Nutritions, you will get the same personal assistance and feeling as when you call on a friend, someone who really cares about you and your concerns. We are striving to create the very best products and customer service for you. We will constantly be expanding our line of quality products through research, manufacturing and marketing to offer the very best sports nutrition products for men and women.

Drug Screening

The K5 Protein Series is one of the leading sports nutrition companies in India that is committed to helping dedicated sports persons in enhancing their stamina and physique, thereby improving performance levels. We have the most comprehensive range of products to help you increase your sports performance and reach your physique goals.

The K5 Protein Series has always used services of expert manufacturers and suppliers of raw ingredients in Europe, South Africa and India, who produce high quality nutritional products for some of the largest food brands worldwide. All our products are guaranteed to pass drug screening tests for presence of steroids or stimulants.

Quality Assurance

At The K5 Protein Series , we care most about quality assurance. At every production step, we carry out strict product quality checks and perform procedures in order to obtain final products of the highest quality. We also carry out SOP or Standard Operating Procedures. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) is stringently followed by our company. We also ensure 100% customer satisfaction and money back guarantee.